Repair Your Stuck Sticky Laptop Keys – HP, DELL, Lenovo

If your keys fell off from your keyboard, you can easily repair it by following the installation guide below.

To install your key on your laptop keyboard, start out by observing your metal plates on the keyboard.

Acer Laptop Key Hinges

Here you can see that it has one large metal hook at the bottom and two metal hooks at the top.

Always be sure to look at the metal keys because they differ in every keyboard. The larger metal hooks can be at the top, bottom, right or left side. The position of the metal hooks determines the position of plastic pieces.

Laptop Key Hinges Repair

Take the larger plastic piece and observe that it has two holes at the top corners, two sticks at the bottom and two holes in the middle. The top holes are going to go into the top metal hooks. The smooth part faces away from the keyboard.

Stuck Laptop Key

Take the smaller plastic piece and observe that it has two holes at the top, two sticks at the middle and a bar with larger hole at the bottom. The sticks in the middle are going to go into the middle holes of the larger piece. The bottom bar is going to click onto the bottom metal hook. The smooth part faces away from the keyboard.

Fix laptop key

Place the smaller piece on the larger piece and insert its sticks to the holes of larger piece. It’s one piece now.

laptop Keys

Insert the top sticks into the top metal holes and the bottom bar into the bottom metal hook. Get a thin object or a blade and stretch the plastic pieces downwards to insert completely.

laptop keyboard plastic peices

Take your letter key, put it in the middle and push down evenly from all four sides.

You’ve just repaired your laptop keyboard.

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